Media Release

 Clive Palmer announces Karin Hunter as Palmer United Party candidate for Griffith

The federal leader of the Palmer United Party Clive Palmer has announced that Karin Hunter has been endorsed as a Palmer United Party federal candidate.

The former teacher and now private tutor will stand for the seat of Griffith in Brisbane’s south east at the September 14 federal election.

Ms Hunter said she was prompted to join the Palmer United Part after becoming disillusioned with the major political parties.

“Both parties continue to raise taxes, foster the culture of welfare entitlement and the weakening of our borders,” she said.

“I believe the Palmer United Party is the only political organisation which can genuinely govern in the interest of the electorate and return our state and nation to a prosperous country and better way of life.

“I feel that no other party is as committed to Australian’s as the Palmer United Party and that is what motivated me to become the candidate for the seat of Griffith.”

The Palmer United Party plans to field candidates in all 150 House of Representative seats at the September election as well as Senate teams in all states and territories.