Media release

Tasmania should not be the forgotten state: Clive Palmer

Federal leader of the Palmer United Party, Clive Palmer says a Tasmanian-elected Palmer United government would put the island state “back on the map” by turbo-charging its economy.

“For too long Tasmania has been left off the map and isolated from opportunities this nation has generated,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Labor and the Greens have done nothing for Tasmanians and the Liberals would be no better.

“The established parties talk about helping Tasmanians but are more concerned about protecting their own self-interests and stifling political alternatives.

“Tasmania has an opportunity to be a significant contributor to the Australian economy with the right people in place to get the state moving again.

“Unlike the major parties, The Palmer United Party is not comprised of career politicians but a cross section of Australians from all walks of life with real world experience.

“Only the Palmer United Party can reinvigorate Tasmania with fresh ideas and common-sense policies to turbo-charge the economy.

“The Palmer United Party will field high-quality candidates in all seats at next year’s Tasmanian election and a state leader of the highest calibre to run for Premier,’’ Mr Palmer said.

The Palmer United Party will make an announcement regarding its Tasmanian candidates prior to Christmas.