27-year-old security industry executive Yegon has been actively involved in the industry for the past seven years and currently works for one of Australia’s largest private security companies.

Having completed his university studies while working full time, Yegon believes in the value of academic knowledge.

Yegon completed a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Newcastle in 2012 and is due to complete a Master of Occupational Health and Safety through the University of Newcastle this year.

He is also looking to study a Master of Environmental Management in the future and hopes to one day complete a PhD in the field of business or occupational health and safety.

Yegon is also an executive member of the Newcastle University Post Graduate Students Association (NUPSA), where he represents the interests and voice of post graduate coursework students and has extensive ties within the university’s student and staff bodies.

Waratah-born Yegon lists university funding, public infrastructure and industry development as the three key funding priorities he would champion in the Newcastle electorate if elected.

After wedding his long-time girlfriend last year, Yegon is enjoying married life in the couple’s quiet home in Wallsend.

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